The Indefinite Future

2015-09-30 15:32:43 by BrandLibel

The iOS app is here

I have finally released Indefinite on the App Store! Here’s what you need to know about the iOS version:

  • Same great mechanics
  • It has Game Center leaderboards
  • You can share an end report image (yes, not just text) directly to Facebook and Twitter
  • It costs $0.99 with no ads or branding
  • It supports iOS 5.1.1 and up for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Also here's the link to Indefinite on Google Play.

Sequels are coming

An indefinite number of new Indefinite games are being worked on right now. These will look better. They will have more interesting mechanics. And to keep things fresh, the sequels will deal with new scenarios - they won’t repeat the “dystopian future” theme of the original.

These sequels are too important to miss, man. Stay tuned for updates.


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